• Build & Weave Learning Paths

    Learn from any course you want to take, put them all in one place.

    Showcase every learning path you've put together - to your employer, interviewer, teacher, or to yourself.

  • Teachers teach anything.

    Build your brand and create work of real value.

    Take the learning spaces online.

    Add videos, PDFs, audio, quizzes and assignments into a playlist. Explore varied forms of quizzes, and work on collaborative workspaces with your learners.

    Track, Analyse, Recommend.

    To have quality data that you can understand is power. Track your student's activities, skills, interests, and participation on the platform. Make recommendations they will remember you for.


    Someone just left you a negative review?

    Weevur's smart feedback system improves on the collection of quality reviews and feedback, so that your prospective students get a clear idea of your school and the value it brings to your students.

    Communicate, Collaborate.

    Schedule high-quality video and audio calls with your students to engage them further. Need a collaborative workspace with your students? Collaborate and run your video calls simultaneously while putting ideas and work on a blank canvas.

  • Passion to Profit

    Whether you're charging a monthly fee or selling materials, we make the transaction process seamless and easy.


    Start your online school and make a living off your passion.

  • We're on Social Media.

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